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>Please Excuse Our Weeds…

> It is every year about this time that our Sales and Marketing department starts to go crazy when we drive through our communities and see the weeds are thriving better than most lawns. It seems that even with constant mowing and weed management, the task is insurmountable and it isn’t long before the weeds have grown taller than the fences in some cases!

No matter what we do, year after year, the weeds just take over for a few months. Now, with that being said I have often wondered why when I drive through other communities the weeds don’t seem to be a problem. In some communities I cannot find a single weed on a lot of in the planter area of an available home. How is that possible? Do the weeds only love CBH Homes; our developments, homesites and the planter areas of our available homes?

It has recently come to my attention, although I had finally bought off on the idea that weeds only love CBH, this is not the case at all. It is with a huge budget and arsenal of chemicals that some communities are able to better manage their weeds. Now, I have decided not only do weeds love CBH, but CBH loves weeds! We would rather avoid the chemicals and instead live with a few frustrating months of trying to keep the weeds mowed down and to a minimum.

So with that being said, please excuse our weeds and LIVE (for being green)

Holly Haener
CBH Homes
Director of Sales & Marketing