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Paint the picture.

Let’s paint you a picture.

You’re a stay-at-home mom living in a travel trailer on your parents’ land with two kiddos running around at the ages of six and seven. Your husband works full-time to provide for you and the kids. Four in a travel trailer isn’t too bad, but what if there is another one on the way? You’re barely getting by with the four of you, how will you do it with five? The stress sets in.

Your only request? That you can bring your newborn to an actual home, not to a trailer with four wheels and a hitch but rather four walls and a full bathroom.



Let us introduce you to the Archuleta Family. Lawrence, Michelle, Dylan (7), Jayla (6), and Blayke Archuleta, born May 19th, 2015, 6 lbs, 22″, who won’t have to go home to a trailer.

On June 8th, CBH Homes in partnership with Canyon County Habitat for Humanity, along with many other generous subcontractors, volunteers, and sponsors will be putting on Laborer of Love tees and getting to work to provide this family with a stable home built in five short days.

However, we still need the village. We need food to feed the crew, volunteers to help keep the construction site under control, and spectators to cheer us on. Find out how you can help here:

The Archuleta’s are counting on us. Will you answer the call?