New Color Collection | CBH Designers

CBH Designers here! We want to give you guys a peek into our new Interior Color Collections that will be available in our CBH Homes this Fall. We are absolutely in love with the new collection and we couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you!

We kept the Simply White, Warm Gray, and Rustic Bronze color palettes that we love, while taking them up a notch and incorporating more color variation throughout the different packages. Here is a little bit of what you’ll be seeing in the new collection. 

CBH Homes Designers_ Desiger Packages New Home Construction in Meridian
Rustic Bronze 2

Rustic Bronze will incorporate true rustic tones. We used rich dark flooring in two of the packages and we have also incorporated stunning new quartz counter tops in some of the packages as well. This collection will be rustic with modern elements such as a gray subway tile or a mosaic glass & tile back splash. This is Lisa Reinhart, our lead designers, favorite collection!

CBH Homes Designers_ Designer Packages New Home Construction in Boise
Warm Gray 2


Our new Warm Gray collection has playful new quartz and laminate counter tops. We really wanted to capture warm gray tones in the flooring and counter tops with a hint of white to be sure to keep the space bright and inviting.


CBH Homes Designers _ Designer Packages New Home Construction in Boise
Simply White 2



Simply White collection was inspired from the feedback we got from you! A lot of the feedback asked for white and gray and that is what this collection is all about. It features bright whites and clean lines… so dreamy!



What are your opinions on our new color collections? Thanks for checking them out with us, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts and opinions! Looking for a brand new home to call your own? Check out our available homes HERE!


The CBH Homes Designers

Looking for some handy design tips? Here they are!


Here at CBH Homes, we’re proud. Proud of our team. Proud of all the beautiful homes we’ve built. Proud of all our homeowners in the CBH Family. And proud of our ratings.

With over 19,250 homeowners and in business for 27 years, CBH has had a Better Business Bureau file since 1993. Over the past 25 years, our CBH BBB rating has been an A. In the past 3 years we’ve had 3,801 closings and 13 BBB complaints which is .3% of the total homeowners during that period.

In our most recent BBB complaint, we dropped the ball. 

We recently lost our BBB accreditation due to a no response to a complaint. We’ll be the first to tell you. We messed up. But we’re also here to tell you that there’s more. They are correct in that we didn’t respond to the BBB complaint, but instead went directly to the homeowner and proceeded to address her issues. While ratings are important, our first priority is always the homeowner and to address the issue plus act in a timely manner.

We’ve responded to all BBB complaints but the last one got away from us. The BBB dropped our rating from an A to a B- and revoked our accreditation due to failure to respond to the complaint in a timely manner. 

CBH Homes takes complaints very seriously and we have been working diligently with Ms. Dominguez from early 2019 through May 2nd, 2019 to resolve these items. Our warranty department worked closely on this homeowner’s warranty request to schedule contractors and make sure all items of concern were documented, addressed, and resolved. On May 2nd the warranty items were deemed resolved and closed in our system. It was just recently brought to our attention that not all of the items were complete and we’ve been in contact with the homeowner to address. 

Why does all this matter?

We want to be as transparent as possible and let everyone know that we care. We care a lot. We care about our BBB rating. We care about our homeowners. We care about our community. CBH Homes isn’t perfect but we work diligently to get better and address any issues that may arise. 

One thing we know for sure, we have a Google rating of 4 stars with 76 of those being  5 star reviews. We hire a third party, Avid Ratings, to survey every homeowner after they close. Our Avid rating is a 4.2 with over 50% of those being a full 5 stars. Did we mention that we have 0% 1 stars? 

On top of all this, we won a National Housing Quality Award in 2017. 

The fact is, we love what we do and we’ll be here doing it for years to come. 

As always, we’re here for you. For any questions, please email us at

Love wins,

Corey Barton, President/owner

Meet the Designers | CBH Homes

Have you been wondering who’s behind the beautiful homes at CBH? Well, here’s your opportunity to meet the designers!

CBH Homes Designers - New Home Construction in Boise

Lisa - CBH Homes DesignerLisa Reinhart | Design Manager

Lisa grew up in Southern California and was introduced at an early age to art and design – oil painting, decorating, and painting her room as a tween were always encouraged.  Lisa studied art history in college and could be found most days visiting art museums and painting live seascapes with her classmates. She moved to Boise in 1999 where she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit, creating Sagebrush by Lisa, a decorative painting business.  After a few years of painting residential homes, she was introduced to CBH Homes. She started decorative painting for them, which then led to staging homes, before she was hired as a full-time design consultant. Lisa has developed a well trained eye for color and design and embraces the opportunity to bring this to each and every CBH Home.

Favorite Design Style | Modern Rustic Farmhouse

Fixer Upper’s Chip and JoJo have had a heavy influence on Lisa’s style approach which she has incorporated into many of the interiors of our CBH Homes. Lisa loves the rustic charm and simplicity of the Farmhouse style while mixing natural textures and materials like wood or galvanized steel for a more modern spin.  She loves the idea of taking various eclectic styles and creating a cohesive look using colors and texture, while carefully gathering interesting elements that all work together. She has a passion for emphasizing well-used and loved items and adding a little pop of color, while mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged material that make you want to put your feet up and stay awhile. This informal elegance brings a unique take on comfort and simplicity creating an aura that could make anyone feel at home. A neutral color palette is a crucial part of any modern design, and including one in a farmhouse inspired space will take this look to a fresh, clean, and totally current vibe!


When Lisa isn’t playing with tile samples and color swatches, she can be found enjoying time with her hot husband!  They love traveling, listening to live music, attending sporting events , watching lots of HGTV and trying out new restaurants.  Shopping plays a huge role as well. Lisa loves purchasing the latest fashion finds and is always looking for new and fresh decor for her home which she can find at local antique and boutique shops in town.

Chelsea - CBH Homes DesignerChelsea Davis | Design Coordinator

Chelsea’s passion for interior design started when decorating her first apartment. She has found so much joy in it ever since. She loves design that is functional, timeless, and incorporates design elements that are both new and old. Chelsea believes everyone’s home should be a place they are excited to spend time with family and friends. A space that is filled with special memories, milestones, and so much love.

Favorite Design Style: Modern Country

Chelsea’s favorite design elements are classic and sophisticated with a country flair. She loves neutral color palettes such as whites and beiges, with pops of color and rustic elements. She loves decorating with vintage furniture and mixing in fun patterns and textures. Chelsea loves a timeless design that tells a story of those whose home it is.


In Chelsea’s spare time you’ll find her spending time with her fiance’ and their goldendoodle. They love doing projects around their home or spending time outdoors. In the summer months you will find them relaxing in Garden Valley or outside on a patio. She thinks a perfect Saturday includes browsing an antique store or TJ Maxx to find special furniture pieces and stylish decor.

CBH Homes New Home Construction in Boise - Designers

Wondering where you can find them? Check out our latest Live with Lisa video HERE & check out the Designer’s blog page HERE! 


The Designers

Cash Boom Home | CBH Homes Summer Promo

Get up to $15k* with the Cash Boom Home Promo!

Now until August 31st, purchase a CBH Home and get up to $15,000 in extras! Wondering what that looks like? Think MORE MONEY in your pocket! Use it towards closing costs, landscaping, and MORE!

UPDATE: Our CASH BOOM HOME Promo has been EXTENDED!!!!  This promo will now go until August 31st! Click here to request more information!CASH BOOM HOME DETAILS:

$15,000 for purchase prices at or above $350,000 

$10,000 for purchase prices between $300,000 to $349,999

$7,500 for purchase prices between $250,000 to $299,999

$5,000 for purchase prices of $200,000 to $249,999

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Let’s start shopping – browse by Sales Center:






How will YOU spend your 15k*?! Here’s our favorite idea for breaking it down:

$10,000 towards closing costs

$4,500 towards dreamy landscaping

$500 to make that garage door purr

Turn that dream home into a reality with the CASH BOOM HOME Promo!



*Some restrictions apply. See a CBH sales specialist for complete details. To qualify for the CBH Homes promo contract dates must be between July 7, 2019 thru August 31, 201and may not replace any prior agreement currently in escrow and is non-transferable. Promo amount to be applied toward buyers’ closing costs, window coverings, refrigerator, washer, dryer, fencing and/or landscaping upgrades.  Promo amount is based off of listing price. Marketed by CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc. in Idaho. Broker cooperation invited. CBH Homes RCE-923.  


2019 May Most Valuable Realtor | CBH Homes

Put your hands together for our 2019 May Most Valuable Realtor!

A couple of things we love at CBH are: That new home smell, helping families find their dream homes and our outside realtors. Our list could go on forever, but we REALLY want to emphasize the fact that we LOVE our outside realtors so much our hearts could explode!

Every month we pick the MVP, or in our case MVR, (Most Valuable Realtor). Check out our 2019 May Most Valuable Realtor below….

2019 May Most Valuable Realtor

 Marla Berger
with Silvercreek Realty

Lets get to know Will and why we LOVE her: 

How long have you been selling real estate? Idaho 16 years

What’s your #1 tip to buying a new home? You are in love with it the minute you walk in..dont talk yourself into it..

What do you love about CBH?  I love working with Their agents for sure..Love everything they stand for, Love that I can call Corey if I need to, they always take good care of me and my clients..

What do you love about real estate? I love people and looking at homes so its great for me..
Favorite area in the Treasure Valley? Meridian..I moved here 25 years ago and I love it..I love that we still have a farm town feeling and the mountains close..

What is on your bucket list? I have a pretty good life not sure I’ve made one of those yet..Maybe some day when I’m old, like 95..

Do you have a secret talent?!!

Thanks to Realtors like Marla, we’re able to continue to grow and build dreams. We couldn’t have done it without them. A big giant thank you from the CBH Crew!

A few words from one of Will’s biggest fans:


We’ll never forget Marla, our 2019 May Most Valuable Realtor &

A BIG Thank you to every one who closed a home in May:


Check out our previous MVR’s HERE! 

On Demand with CBH Homes

CBH Homes is heading to national television with On Demand with Rob Lowe!

On Demand with CBH Homes

Checkout a sneak peek of CBH Homes being featured in Public Television’s On Demand segment hosted by Rob Lowe. A mini documentary about the construction industry and need for people.


Back in October 2018, we were approached by On Demand regarding a hot topic, the labor shortage in the construction industry. In conclusion, there is a rising statistics of less people entering into the industry while the demand for housing is growing. It’s apparent that there’s a need in the construction industry. At CBH Homes, we’re working to fight the stuffy views of the construction industry and show that new home construction equals growth, opportunity and a whole love of fun. Just ask Kayti Hallamore, a CBH Sales Specialist who began as a receptionist, moved to working in the Design Studio and is now a Sales Specialist, selling CBH homes. One of our favorite quotes she said:

cbh homes on demand new home construction boise idaho“One of the biggest benefits of the construction industry is that you get out of it whatever you’re willing to put into it. Regardless of where you come from, your education, or the opportunities you’ve had in the past, you can do so much here.” Kayti Hallamore, CBH Homes Sales Specialist

CBH Homes has been named and best place to work in Idaho for 8 years and counting. We’re not a stuffy home builder, we like to have fun and our people to have fun. On top of all that we’re changing the way people live.

Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes said, “We’re making a difference in people’s lives. We firmly believe that we build dreams. We’re building a place where people start families, raise their children make memories and more. Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?”

This is an exciting industry and an exciting time to be a part of it. The construction industry is a viable option for those looking for a career whether or not you have the experience or education. Did we mention we’re hiring?!

Join the team and change your life.

CBH Homes currently has 9 open positions that we’re looking to fill. If you love to have fun, work in a fast paced environment, be a part of an amazing team all while building dreams for the Treasure Valley, CLICK HERE to apply now!

What is On Demand?

On Demand is a program highlighting stories  and topics in different industries. The goal is to educate viewers on groundbreaking organizations and industry professionals. From airlines, to bears, all the way to CBH Homes. Learn more about On Demand, CLICK HERE

Looking for your own dream home? Start your search here:






2019 May Trade Partners of the Month – CBH Homes

Time to get loud and do a double fist pump for our 2019 May Trade Partners of the Month, Aggregate Construction Inc & Atlantic Construction! Thank you for your hard work, we can’t tell you how much we love you!


 2019 May Trade Partners of the Month - CBH Homes


 2019 May Trade Partners of the Month - CBH Homes


“I love that you are always pushing and getting better. We appreciate you so much.”

– Tim Behrman, CBH Director of Construction

Huge props to Aggregate Construction Inc & Atlantic Construction for all of their hard work and helping CBH Build Dreams on the daily! Our 2019 May Trade Partners of the Month will earn bragging rights for the month – Way to go!!

Ready to become a CBH Trade Partner? Click here and we’ll get the process started!


We are all about spreading the love. We want to give mad props to our trade partners who are absolutely killing it!


  • Do more than expected. Go above and beyond!
  • Be current and quick to respond to your warranty claims.
  • Create raving, that’s right, raving fans of CBH Homes teammates, your employees & CBH Homeowners.

If not for the bragging rights, at least do it for the coffee! Who’s ready to have coffee on us in 2019?!

Check out our 2018 Trade Partner of the year HERE!

Have you heard the news? CBH Homes has been ranked #37 in the Nation of Top Home Builders according to Builder Magazine! Thanks to our Trade Partners like those above who hammered away and helped make this possible!



Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook with Lisa

Ready for the outdoor reading nook of your dreams? Let’s see how Lisa creates a drool worthy outdoor space!

Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook:

First stop, we headed to our 2nd favorite place ever (CBH is #1), TARGET! Here we tested, played, felt, touched, explored and walked away with this:

After that, it was as simple as setting up the rug, chair, side table, pouf and pillows! Don’t forget to toss a blanket on there for some added texture and the succulent greenery.


Simply head to a CBH Sales Center near you! We have 5 to be exact, fill out a registration card and turn it into a CBH Sales Person from now until June 30th!


Visit all 5 to get more entries, we’ll announce the winner the week of July 1st, just in time for you to enjoy for the 4th of July!

CBH Sales Center Hours:
OPEN DAILY: Monday – Friday 12-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm



You’re Invited to Springhill Grand Opening

You’re invited to the party of the season, the Springhill Grand Opening!

CBH Homes Springhill Grand Opening

We’re throwing a party just for you complete with a taco bar, mock margs (AKA virgin margaritas), face painting & more. Springhill, one of our newest CBH communities just released and going like hot cakes! Imagine yourself living in a community with views of the hills, close to everything, yet far enough to keep the tranquility. This is Springhill!

Springhill Grand Opening Details:

who | YOU + your friends
when | 06.20. 19
time | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
where | 6614 S Birch Creek Ave. Meridian, ID 83642, near the corner of Lake Hazel and Linder

Let’s celebrate, tour a beautifully staged model home, hop on the bike bar and tour this amazing community!

Click here to RSVP and tell us you’re coming!

Learn more about Springhill.

Click here to see Springhill in action and don’t forget to scroll and checkout the available homes:




2019 April Trade Partners of the Month – JT Drywall & Storm Guard Gutters

Time to get loud and do a double fist pump for our 2019 April Trade Partners of the Month, that’s right there are TWO, Precision Trim and Extreme Electric!



JT Drywall-CBH Homes - New home construction Boise


“We see you on our jobs daily and appreciate everything you do for us.”

– Casey Wittenborn, CBH Project Manager.”


Huge props to JT Drywall and Storm Guard Gutters for all of their hard work and helping CBH Build Dreams on the daily! Our April Trade Partners of the Month will earn bragging rights for the month – Way to go!!

Congrats to CBH Homes Trade Partner of the Month

Ready to become a CBH Trade Partner? Click here and we’ll get the process started!


We are all about spreading the love. We want to give mad props to our trade partners who are absolutely killing it!


  • Do more than expected. Go above and beyond!
  • Be current and quick to respond to your warranty claims.
  • Create raving, that’s right, raving fans of CBH Homes teammates, your employees & CBH Homeowners.

If not for the bragging rights, at least do it for the coffee! Who’s ready to have coffee on us in 2019?!

Check out our 2018 Trade Partner of the year HERE!