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Own versus Rent | CBH Homes

It’s on every renters or first time buyers mind, do I own versus rent? CBH Homes will be the first to tell you OWN is the only way to go, but let’s get to the details on why.

Own versus Rent

Many people may think, “I can’t afford to own a home”. We’re here to tell you, YOU CAN! Check these numbers out:

When you rent, $1,000 per month can get you a whopping 800 sq. ft. apartment in Meridian, Idaho. Here’s what else you can look forward to in an apartment:

  • Zero Equity (your landlord gets all the money)
  • No Yardcbh-homes-blog-treasure-valley-market-appartment
  • Shared Walls
  • Deposits (that you’ll hopefully get back)
  • One Parking Spot (if you’re lucky)

When you buy CBH Homes, $1,000 per month can put you into a 2,710 sq. ft. shiny, new, awesome home in Meridian, Idaho. Don’t forget all the other perks of owning a home:

  • An Investment (put money back in your pocket)
  • Your Own Yardcbh-homes-blog-treasure-valley-market-home
  • Room for everything
  • A Garage (say goodbye to scraping those windows)
  • No Landlord (go on and have a pet or two)
  • Tax Write Offs (thanks Uncle Sam)


Still not sure if buying is for you? Let these homeowners show you how it feels, all in one picture:


Joy, love, excitement, happiness, ownership, the list could go on for the feelings you have when you finally own your own brand new CBH home. Say bye, bye to gross carpet, mildew bathrooms, and used appliances.

Are you thinking, this is all great but I can’t afford $1,000 a month? That brings us to our next topic. Let’s put it this way, drive until you qualify.CBH Homes Drive until you Qualify

We totally get it. Location is number one on the list when it comes to finding your new home. Boise or Meridian might be your top picks but they’re also at a high price point. Hop in the car, take a drive, head west with us and watch as your options grow! We’re surrounded by great communities with great schools throughout the Treasure Valley, get out and explore all of your options. Stop throwing your money away on rent and paying for your landlords vacation. Invest in yourself and let your dreams come to life.

Trust us, renting does not feel as good as OWNING. Tell all your renter friends, it’s time to buy!

Ready to own?

Get into a shiny, new, awesome home today – we have operators on the line!

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