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CBH 2019 Top Selling Realtors!

We love our outside realtors, we really do. We’ve decided to give our top selling realtors a vacay on us. This is NO joke! Who will be packing their bags in 2020? Check out our 2019 Top Selling Realtors below!


Congratulations to Michael Edgar, the #1 CBH Top Selling Realtor. He had a total of… drum roll please…

14 SALES!!

What does this mean?! He gets a $5k Travel Voucher for selling over 12 homes, and will probably be forced to wear another sash when we see him next 😉 (P.S he’s also our 2018 CBH Homes Top Realtor!!)

But wait, there’s more!! Let’s put our hands together and see below to see the rest of our AMAZING top selling realtors! Way to crush it, gang!


New Year, New You.

It’s 2020 and we’ve already started tracking for this year. Make your goals, do your calls, and be the CBH Top Selling Agent in 2020 plus walk away with some REALLY AWESOME prizes!




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*CBH employees and Outstanding Partner Realtors and/or Realtors working in CBH offices are not eligible for the $5k Travel Voucher Prize. Must have a new CBH home contract with sale date in 2019 and be accepted and committed by 1/15/2020. All sales must close before receiving prize. Marketed by CBH Sales & Marketing, Inc.  RCE-923