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On Demand with CBH Homes

CBH Homes is heading to national television with On Demand with Rob Lowe!

On Demand with CBH Homes

Checkout a sneak peek of CBH Homes being featured in Public Television’s On Demand segment hosted by Rob Lowe. A mini documentary about the construction industry and need for people.


Back in October 2018, we were approached by On Demand regarding a hot topic, the labor shortage in the construction industry. In conclusion, there is a rising statistics of less people entering into the industry while the demand for housing is growing. It’s apparent that there’s a need in the construction industry. At CBH Homes, we’re working to fight the stuffy views of the construction industry and show that new home construction equals growth, opportunity and a whole love of fun. Just ask Kayti Hallamore, a CBH Sales Specialist who began as a receptionist, moved to working in the Design Studio and is now a Sales Specialist, selling CBH homes. One of our favorite quotes she said:

cbh homes on demand new home construction boise idaho“One of the biggest benefits of the construction industry is that you get out of it whatever you’re willing to put into it. Regardless of where you come from, your education, or the opportunities you’ve had in the past, you can do so much here.” Kayti Hallamore, CBH Homes Sales Specialist

CBH Homes has been named and best place to work in Idaho for 8 years and counting. We’re not a stuffy home builder, we like to have fun and our people to have fun. On top of all that we’re changing the way people live.

Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes said, “We’re making a difference in people’s lives. We firmly believe that we build dreams. We’re building a place where people start families, raise their children make memories and more. Who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?”

This is an exciting industry and an exciting time to be a part of it. The construction industry is a viable option for those looking for a career whether or not you have the experience or education. Did we mention we’re hiring?!

Join the team and change your life.

CBH Homes currently has 9 open positions that we’re looking to fill. If you love to have fun, work in a fast paced environment, be a part of an amazing team all while building dreams for the Treasure Valley, CLICK HERE to apply now!

What is On Demand?

On Demand is a program highlighting stories  and topics in different industries. The goal is to educate viewers on groundbreaking organizations and industry professionals. From airlines, to bears, all the way to CBH Homes. Learn more about On Demand, CLICK HERE

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