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North Canyon First Quarter Top Sales Center

Let’s give a big, loud, standing ovation to our First Quarter Top Sales Center!

Drum roll please… and GIVE IT UP for…



What does it mean to be a Top Sales Center?

We tally and track for 5 different categories:

  • Traffic Goal
  • Sales Goal
  • Inside Sales Goal
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Online Sales Conversion

Numbers are great but a Top Sales Center is so much more than that.

North Canyon is everything you hope for in a sales team. Loving, hardworking and always available for you but they’re so much more than that. North Canyon is more like your family. They’ve been known to come in early to help the main office with filing, having extra children’s coats in their closet (just-in-case), and are always the first in line to help. North Canyon is a well oiled machine. Their communication is top notch, they have an insane knowledge of their product and the awards to prove it. It was no surprise they took the crown.

Meet the HOT & SPICY North Canyon Team:


Melissa Enrico – Sales Coach

Melissa’s pride and joy is her family: her husband, Mingo, and kids Dom & Halli. In her free time, she loves taking in a lacrosse game, spending time with her very large family and friends around a bonfire or playing volleyball. Her ultimate goal is to become CBH’s first female building superintendent, if anyone could do it, she could. Nothing can stop this woman, she’ll solve all your problems and find the best solution possible. Melissa is a proud Idaho native and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Amanda Tracy – Sales Specialist

This former beauty queen and Treasure Valley Native has grown up in the real estate industry. On her days off you will find her with her husband Zack and two girls Peyton and McKaylyn enjoying the great outdoors camping and fishing. Don’t let her fool you, she can sing a mean ‘I Love Rock & Roll’ by Joan Jett and is always the life of the party. This rock star will stay late, come early, work until the cows come home for you to make sure your home buying experience is fun and memorable!

MEET_YOUR_TEAM_Lasso_NCAN_TroyTroy Parquer – Task Master

Originally from SoCal, this firecracker has lived all over the west coast. Since landing in the Treasure Valley, he has fallen in love with the people and culture. Troy aka “you need something, I have it”, is lightening fast to find an answer, a photo, an address, or even lunch, on top of knowing all communities, build jobs, anything and EVERYTHING in the field. He is literally Google of North Canyon and the glue that keeps them together.

Chelsea Steib – Sales Assistant in TrainingHello

Don’t let the “in training’ fool you. The newest to the team, Chelsea has an eagerness to learn and a jump into anything attitude. She’s found her new home with the North Canyon team and already crushing it! Stop in and let her dazzle you into a shiny, new, AWESOME CBH Home because how could you say no to that amazing smile?!



Go stop by their office, give ’em ring, or a hug from a far, just be sure to tell them – YOU ROCK!

Congrats Team North Canyon!

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