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Join us for New Home University | CBH Homes

New Home University with Corey Barton is coming up!

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New Home University

WHEN: Wednesday, April 12th
WHERE: CBH Homes Main Office
TIME: 9am – 11am

Why attend NHU with Corey?

When deciding if you’ll be attending the next New Home University by Corey Barton – there are a few things you may be asking yourself:

  1. Will this go towards my CE credits?
  2. Will there be coffee?

Image_8204_v2Both valid questions – but before you make your decision there are a few things we ought to bring to your attention. For starters, that guy cleans up good! Have you seen him in a polo? We won’t lie, he fills it out quite nicely but let’s not go there… or say that whether or not you learn anything, you’ll be  dazzled by his pearly whites.

Okay, okay – we’ll focus. Let’s be honest, the guy is a mad man. From a framer to a window delivery guy he’s been on many sides of the hammer. Building the number one new home construction company in Idaho – it’s obvious he’s been in industry for over some crazy amount of years. If that doesn’t say Corey might know a thing or two about the ‘ins and outs’ of the construction process then stop reading here.

Two hours may sound daunting but at the end you’ll be wishing you had two more. Time flies when listening to his passionate tale of the home building process from start to finish. The real life stories and situations paint you a picture of how to avoid deal breaking issues and give your buyers an experience they’ll never want to forget!

So to answer your questions – yes, the class is free, yes, you’ll receive 2 CE Credits and yes, there will be coffee. But whether or not this is your first time attending or your fourth, trust us, you’ll learn something new, we always do. 


Hurry and save your spot for our next New Home University, spots fill quickly! Click here or on the button below to register!