Meet the CBH Homes Designers

You may be wondering, who is behind these beautiful homes! Get excited as we will start bringing you styling tips to make your home yours and those quick tricks  all from our professional designers themselves, but first, let’s meet them! 

Hello &  Meet the CBH Homes Designers


Chelsea and Lisa are here and ready to share their knowledge! They are so excited about the launch of their new feature on the blog that will cover all things Design Related!!

Say What?!!

The CBH Homes Designers are behind the scenes, Lisa Reinhart and Chelsea Davis, and want to share the fun, passion, and love that goes into every CBH Home.

Chelsea Davis | Design Coordinator

We love what we do here in the Design Studio and we want you, our amazing homeowners & future homeowners to be in on the fun as well.

Our Goal is to give you fresh & new ideas for styling your CBH Home. Ideas for how to style specific rooms, choosing the right furniture to maximize living space, and our favorite decor for our various spec packages.

We are all about LOVING where you live and we want to continue to walk alongside you through the design process even after you are moved in.

& that’s not all…

Coming soon – “Live with Lisa”

Lisa Reinhart | Design Manager

This vlog segment will take you behind the scenes through the Design Process with our very own, Lisa Reinhart! Think selecting exterior colors, Decor Shopping, Staging, and having a grand old time! Did you know she did painting and staging for CBH Homes before managing our Design Studio? Trust me, you don’t want to miss this segment. She is so much fun and so extremely talented. We. Can’t. Wait!


We are so glad you’re here and cannot wait to share this design journey with you!

Start exploring our 9 Designer Packages today and don’t forget to tour the homes that they’re in. You won’t want to miss them, they are spectacular!