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>Love at First Sight

>No, it is not a man. It is a house! Who knew I would walk in to my future CBH home (when I was not even house-hunting) and instantly know that it must be mine? Maybe I will one day feel this way about a boy.

It has now been just over a year since I met, fell in love with, and purchased (the next day) my CBH home. And I have to say, I still heart it more and more as time goes by.

Since the beginning of our relationship, my Montico 1934 and I have been best of friends. I shower him with gifts like a custom paint job, a patio cover, and surround sound speakers. In return, he is always there for me, whether I am cooking, doing laundry, watching TV, even sleeping. He even lets me have the entire master closet!

At the end of the day, boys may come and go. But I will always have my Montico.

Tara Cheney
Assistant to Ronda Conger
Vice President