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Live with Lisa – Dirt to Delicious

Live with Lisa – Dirt to Delicious

Let’s take a look at how we transform a dirt lot into a beautiful CBH Home. 

Design Team

The first part of our home building process starts with our Design Team. They start by drawing plans and selecting our interior and exterior colors.
This includes carpet, flooring, tile, counters and any colors/texture you will see on the exterior.

Construction Managers

Once the design team completes the plans, our Construction Managers will pick them up from the office and head out to the job site! They are the ones there on site and help see the building process along.


Once the foundation has been all poured at the home site, we head over to our Truss Company, VCI, who builds all of our trusses. Then our framing goes up, along with our roofing materials.

HVAC & Electrical

Before we finish building inside of the house, our HVAC crew goes into the home to installs all the duct work. Lastly, our electrical team comes into the home and prepares and installs all necessary electricity. This can consist of installing electrical boxes, lighting, control systems and much more!

Interior Finishes

Last but not least, we head over to the warehouse where our interior finishes are pulled and our interior install begins.

The flooring gets installed and starts to take shape, then we add our cabinets and finish it up with the kitchen backsplash!

There we have our finished CBH Home!

Watch the Live with Lisa video here!

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