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Keeping Your Yard Green in Dry Conditions

Keeping the Green

Without a huge winter snow fall this year, the shortage of water can have an impact on your grass, but we are here to help.

We have listed the few major points from this Zamzows blog on how to water less while keeping your grass green.

Click here to read more in depth about each item.

🌿 Calibrate Your Watering System

In short, spend a little time understanding how much water your current system is putting out. Check out our sprinkler clock video here & our sprinkler, watering times and more video here.

🌿Build Your Lawn’s Drought Muscle

When your grass becomes stressed it will encourage the roosts to dig down deeper into the soil in search of water.

🌿Follow the turf expert’s recommendations for water

The rule of thumb for how much you water a week will depend on season, temperatures and other factors. Zamzows’ recommends “The rule of thumb is one inch per week in as few watering days as possible until about Memorial Day.”

🌿How you mow will make a big difference

The longer grass blades you have, the better then will help shade the ground, therefore reducing evaporation.


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