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>Joel Andersons’ Top 10 Reasons to Buy

>Joel Anderson, manager of the Boise Square One, has come up with a very handy top 10 list on why you should buy a home. To read his full article, visit his New Homes Boise Blog.

Below are Joel’s Top Ten Reasons Why People Should BUY NOW and STOP RENTING!

10. You aren’t paying your landlords mortgage (I’m sure they send their condolences).
9. Interests rates are lower than ever before, ask your parents and grandparents.
8. You get a huge Tax write off every year (i.e. your tax return is LARGER).
7. Your Cousin, friend, brother, sister hasn’t bought one yet (They will envy you).
6. News Flash: Homes are on sale. It’s cheaper to BUY than RENT (Call me 208-371-2284).
5. It’s an investment: (Code: when it’s paid off, it’s worth MONEY) How much is
your rental worth after paying it off? Oh that’s’ right ZERO, at least to you!
4. Even if the Markets not ideal, you THROW Away less money away than renting.
3. More Options than Ever! It’s like a buffet of homes, choose what you want.
2. Don’t believe everything you hear. Loans are stronger than ever.
1. IT’s YOURS! Would you rather Rent your clothes, or buy them … NO BRAINER.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact Joel at the Boise Square One at (208) 362-7785.