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How to Upgrade Your Patio

It’s officially patio season! Here’s some ideas on How to Upgrade Your Patio this summer.

We know it can be hard to enjoy your home when the sun is shining, so why not make your home patio somewhere you don’t want to leave?

Creating Your Space

You have pinterest-ed your heart out, checked out all your neighbors’ front patios and been to target 100 times. But you still are unsure of how to upgrade your outside relaxation space. Don’t worry – we are here to help!


To help make your search for furniture, paint colors, or other inspo easier, it helps to figure out what kind of style you are aiming for. Are you looking for a natural space filled with green plants and wooden accessories? Or are you looking for pops of color with industrial accents like a wrought iron table and chairs?

Once you figure out your styles and colors, it will much easier to narrow down your search! You can head over to google or Pinterest and search “Rustic outdoor patio,” and you should find all sorts of ideas in your style.


The best place to start is to pick out your focal point of your patio which most times will be your patio furniture. This could also be a rug that you have had your eye on forever too! Once your focus and style are narrowed in you can start adding more decorations or upgrades.

It is also important to keep in mind when picking out your patio décor the kind of weather your patio will face. If your patio is in harsh sunlight all day then wooden accessories or patterned/colored cushions and chairs could fade over time. If you like to leave your furniture out all year long during winter months, then you may want to invest in furniture that can withstand the snow and cold! However, if you do have th e space to put it away somewhere covered for the winter months it will help the longevity of it.

Concrete and Wooden Patios

Maybe you already love everything you have but you just want to add a bit of change to your patio. We love this article from Coldwell Banker Tomlinson on How to Upgrade a Concrete Patio. They have some great and simple suggestions on how to spice up your out door living space!

Many of these tips can also be the same for wooden decks! Deck stain is always a really great choice if you are looking for something new. You can choose a new wood color or you could even paint over your deck if your previous color is still in good shape. Head over to your local home improvement store for the best advice on what types of paints or stains you may need for your upgrades.

Accessories and Décor

Now that you have your furniture or accent piece picked out, and your patio is freshly painted or colored, you are ready for your final touches! This is where you can really bring your lifestyle to your patio. Below is a list of some great additions for your patio:

  • Hanging/String Lights/Solar Yard Lights
  • Plants/Flower Pots
  • Cushions & Pillows for your Chairs
  • Decorative Lanterns
  • Basket/Tray decoration for the Table
  • Cute Yard Decorations

Personalizing your patio to fit your lifestyle will help you be able to better relax and enjoy the sunshine. If you love plants, fill the patio with plants! If you love hosting dinner parties, be sure to invest in some nice outdoor dining sets!

Making your patio the way you want it will guarantee you will want to spend more time out there enjoying the sunshine and late warm summer nights. If you love plants, add a garden outside! If you love hosting dinner parties, invest in some great dining sets!

Our in house Designer Lisa shows us a great way to decorate your patio as a reading nook for all those book lovers. Watch the Live with Lisa video here! Read the blog that goes along with it here.

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