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How to Style a Coffee & Wine Bar

Let’s help you style your new at Home Coffee & Wine bar!

Are you an early morning coffee lover? Or even a late night friends party host? We have some great design ideas for you!

Decide on your Space

Ready to spice up your home space? It might seem overwhelming at first, but with some cute home décor accessories, you can elevate your home space so easily! In order to make your space functional, you should decide what is more important to you in your home. Do you love your morning routine and taking time to make that delicious morning cup of coffee? Or are you always in a rush in the morning and instead prefer relaxed wine nights at home with your friends?

Whichever you decide is most important will help you setup your space. If you love both, and you have the space, then you can create a bar that suites all of your needs. You could even design a corner of the space for a hot cocoa bar for the kids to include them in all the fun!

Look & Feel

The next step in creating your at home DIY coffee bar is to decide on the colors, style, etc. You can grab some inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram or even our Design Blogs! During this time you will want to think about the colors & material of your home. What color are your cabinets and hardware? What type of material is your furniture?

For instance. if you have a brown leather couch in your living room that you love, you could look for tans, browns & beiges. You could even search for some fun leather décor to help tie it all in together. Our in house designer Lisa chose to use black, gold & white for her main colors. This also made it really easy for her when she added in some fun holiday items for the season! You don’t have to feel limited in your color choices either. As Lisa shows us here, she wanted to add some really pretty pops of green so she included a garland, house plants & mini Christmas trees.


Now it’s time to design! You can shop locally, online or even use other items that you already have in your home.

Below is a list of items our designer used that she felt necessary for her at home coffee bar:

  • Coffee Maker– If you love coffee, hopefully you already have one in your home! If not, there are always great online deals to shop from! You can look at Amazon, Best Buy or Target for some great deals.
  • Mugs/Cups – When creating a wine bar, you can add in pretty wine glasses and for a coffee bar you can add your favorite mugs or to go coffee cups!
  • Wooden Tray – Depending on the flavors or coffee accessories you use, a fun tray can be used to hold your creamer, sugar, and coffee pods.
  • Jars & Vases- These can be used as storage for fun snacks or toppings on your coffee bar. Our designer added in donuts and cinnamon bears!

Be sure when out shopping that you keep in mind how much space you have. If you have a smaller space it may be best to buy items that serve a purpose for the space. If you have a huge space such then you can add in more decorative items such as photo frames, candles, vases & jars.

Here are some fun additional items our designer incorporated:

  • Books
  • Trays & Cutting Boards
  • House Plants
  • Seasonal Decorations


Here is a fun before and after of our finished styled coffee bar!












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