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Live with Lisa – How to Paint an Accent Wall in 4 Steps!

Want to jazz up a space in your shiny, new, awesome CBH home? How about painting an accent wall?! Tune in and see how our professional designer, Lisa, tackles a mudroom bench accent wall in only 4 steps!

4 Steps to Painting an Accent Wall:

Step 1: Find your inspiration! Whether you head over to the CBH Pinterest PageInstagram, or play around in a new one of our favorites, Houzz, you can explore all the looks and colors you like. The darker grays really caught our eye here.

Step 2: Pick up your paint + supplies. We headed to Sherwin Williams and narrowed down our selection landing on our final favorite, Westchester Gray! This gave us a nice contrast with the current wall color and with the white mud bench. Don’t forget to also grab, paint, angled paint brush, roller, tray, and painters tape. **PRO TIP** Frog Tape is a great tool to help you create clean lines!

Step 3: Get to work! Tape off the areas you want to keep the paint from touching. Start by cutting in the edge and corners with the angled paint brush. Following this, fill your paint tray, and start rolling with the paint roller the main wall area. If using a darker color, be sure to do 2 coats.

Step 4: Dress it up. Time to add some pizazz! We love using products from Target, Ikea and even other items you have around the house, for example, a re-useable burlap bag!

Tadah! That’s it! 4 easy steps to dressing up your home and adding your own style. Don’t forget to stay well hydrated and fed during this, yes, taco breaks are necessary!

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