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>How to do a Great Garage Sale

How to do a Great Garage Sale

With the CBH Homes Community Garage Sale only a couple days away, we wanted to share a fun article with great times on how to make your garage sale a success.

The Yard Sale Queen sure knows her stuff. Check out her Top 10 Tips below, then visit her website for even more information.

  1. Advertise, advertise, advertise! – We posted signs at your community entrance, shared through social media and on the community calendars. It never hurts to post even more signs to grab attention!
  2. Clean up and organize the items you have for sale – Categorize your sections for easy access and browsing.
  3. Be prepared to sell – That’s our motto! Don’t be afraid to wheel and deal & share the stories behind your favorite pieces.
  4. Have a plan for your leftovers – We all know that there’s always something leftover … why not donate to a local shelter or youth ranch. Be prepared to pack up after the sale and make the quick trip to clean up after.
  5. Once your sale is over, take down your signs – We’ll take care of removing the signs posted at your community entrance. Anything else you have added should be removed soon after.
  6. Go early for the best selection and/or late for the best bargains – The good stuff goes fast but if you’re in it for the steal, sleep in and go a little later.
  7. Plan your route – Visit to view the community map and see the locations before heading out for the morning.
  8. Look things over carefully and test electronics before you buy – “On small items, such as children’s toys priced at $1, I know that 99 percent of the time, the item will work once I get it home and put fresh batteries in it. But don’t spend more than you’re willing to lose in case it doesn’t.”
  9. Bring small bills and change -You never know what you might find, and often times sellers don’t have lots of change.
  10. If you see something you are unsure about buying, pick it up and walk around with it anyway – Chances are someone else may snag it before you make your final decision.

Join in the fun on Facebook by posting pictures of all your loot for sale, event photos and your experiences. We’d love to hear from you.

If you would like more information about CBH Homes, visit our website.