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How to Design Your Front Porch for Fall

Let’s get you ready for Fall – Here’s how to design your front porch for the Fall Season!

With a few simple steps, your porch will be ready for you to fall in love with it!

Plan Your Space

The first step in creating your design is to take a look at your space and create a plan. Most importantly, you will need to decide how much space you have! If you have a smaller patio then you will need to decide what items look best there. If your patio is small, it is best not to crowd it with too many items so that your space is still functional and usable.

Every patio is different so you will also need to plan which items fit best for your space! If you have a large window on your front door then a wreath may not be best for your space. If you have stairs, then you will want to use that depth and dimension in your plan. You could sketch out a rough draft on paper or take a photo of your space so you can use it to look for items while shopping and decide what might be best.

Look & Feel

Before you head to the store or grab your computer for some shopping, you will want to decide on the colors.  Do you prefer a dark black and moody Halloween style? Or do love pops of orange and want a look that feels like candy corn? Gather some ideas and inspiration around these colors and then start looking at the overall style.

If you are a plant lover, maybe you want to incorporate some fall mums and tie it together with a greenery wreath. Then, add in some pumpkins and you will have a simple and organic style. To spice it up you could add in some black accents for a modern seasonal feel. Our designer went for a modern style with some pops of color.


Oh my ghord, you are going to love these fall items. 

Now it is time for the fun part- shopping! There are SO many stores both locally and online that can provide some great options for decorating.

Below is a list of items our designer used and where you can look to find similar items:

  • Pumpkins – The best place to shop for pumpkins is Locally! You can checkout a nearby pumpkin patch or pumpkin farm to find all types of colors and sizes. You can also check your nearby grocery store as well.
  • Fall Flowers/Mums – A great place to find fall outdoor plants and flowers is local flower/plant stores. You can always check the grocery stores as well for some nice color options.
  • Plant Baskets – This is where you can really go crazy with style! You could choose black, white, tan or or even something metal and industrial! Our designer found our baskets at Target for a great deal! Find the link HERE
  • Welcome Mat – One of our top tips from our designer is to double layer your welcome mat! It add greats texture to your design and can be a simple and subtle way to add in some more color without being too distracting. Craft stores, target or even a home goods store will have SO many options of welcome mats to choose from. If you do add on a bottom mat, you can leave it during the season change and just change the top mat!
  • Wreath – If you’re not up for a fun DIY craft project to create your own wreath, a great place to start shopping is the craft store! Michaels and Hobby Lobby always have some great options.
  • Lanterns & Candles – You can find many types of lanterns at craft stores, Target, or even on Amazon! If you do want to include some candles be sure to get some some pre-lit candles so they can with stand the weather.
  • Metal Side Table – A taller table or even a plant stand can be added in to create some nice height to your design if you have a smaller porch! Here are some links to some fun ideas: Black Side Table –  Black Plant Holder.
  • Marquee Letter Board – This is one of our favorite additions because you can change your words every week, every season, or even every day if you wanted to spice it up! We found a great deal on one at Hobby Lobby HERE.

Season Change

There are so many items you can add to your décor that can be versatile to all seasons! For instance your wreath can be used again for Christmas as well as your metal side table. Just add a few items that can withstand the weather and you are set. It can be nice to invest in some pieces that are of good quality so you can use them every year and ensure they last through the changing seasons.

Here is a fun before and after!










Now all that’s left to do is add a splash of pumpkin spice and everything nice and your home will be all set for the season!

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