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Give it up – Third Quarter Top Sales Center


Let’s give a big, loud, standing ovation to our Third Quarter Top Sales Center!

Drum roll please… and GIVE IT UP for…


3rd Quarter winner - Copy

What does it mean to be a Top Sales Center?

We tally and track for 5 different categories:

  • Traffic Goal
  • Sales Goal
  • Inside Sales Goal
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Online Sales Conversion

Numbers are great but a Top Sales Center is so much more than that. Here’s how Team South Canyon took the third quarter by storm:

To say that Team South Canyon is anything but subtle is an understatement. This team knows what they want and will get it. They’re in early, work late, and bust their tail to go above and beyond for their buyers. It doesn’t stop there though. Breakfast for their superintendents, active members in their local association of realtors, and diligent in their personal health (they lost 28 lbs as a team) it was no surprise that they took the crown.

Meet the HOT & SPICY South Canyon Team:


Renee ‘Spice Cat’ Baird – Sales Coach

This world-traveler, cowgirl, ball of fire will keep you on your toes and ready to go. Always willing jump in and help in any situation, Renee, truly cares about everyone around her. Her Zen-like, positive attitude reassures you that everything is going to run according to plan, leaving you with a sense of gratitude. When Renee isn’t hard at work she spends time with her 3 beautiful daughters and traveling.


Candace ‘I Can Can’ King – Assistant Sales CoachCandace-1 

Our favorite saying, “if anyone can, Can Can can!” You won’t find ‘NO’ in this woman’s vocabulary. She dives headfirst and wholeheartedly into any activity or problem and solves them with ease. Married to her high school sweetheart for 10 years, she manages to stay cool, calm, and collected with her two energetic boys. Her secret talents include face painting (seriously amazing), finding an app for anything, and couponing – it’s a real thing.


Alma ‘ALMAZING’ Alba – Sales SpecialistAlma-1

Almazing is nothing short of amazing. The glue of the team, she keeps everyone healthy, in high spirits, and never eating anything processed. Not afraid to talk to anyone, you’ll find yourself spilling your life story to this ray of sunshine in only a few minutes. Always ready for a new adventure, always smiling, and always Almazing.




Go stop by their office, give ’em ring, or a hug from a far, just be sure to tell them – YOU ROCK!

Congrats Team South Canyon!

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