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Get your water on and keep your yard in tip top shape.


Get your water on … Spring is here, but your irrigation water is late to the party.

With the warm spring days and very little rain, it’s time to be prepared to water your yard until irrigation water is turned on. Pull out your hoses and lawn chairs and be ready to water old school style.

As recently reported on KTVB, we anticipate irrigation water bring available by mid to late April after canals are filled and systems tested. Check out the full recent story HERE.

Make it fun and invite the neighborhood kids over to run through your sprinklers. Come on! Get your water on.

We also highly recommend you visit our friends at Zamzows and check into their Lawn Programs. Zamzows’ team is always helpful and willing to offer great ways to help you keep your yard in tip top shape. Click the images below to learn more!



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