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Free Ice Cream Continues | CBH Homes

Remember in July when we passed out over 3,000 free ice cream bars to our homeowners to celebrate our 25th Anniversary? (read about it here) Well if  you missed it, it went a little bit like this…

We had SO. MUCH. FUN! So much that we had to continue the #homeSWEEThome #cbh25 ice cream party going.

What does Free Ice Cream Continues mean?

Visit any one of our five sales centers, pop into their freezer, and find your very own sweet treat!

South Ada Sales Center
905 E Italy, Meridian
in Cavanaugh

North Ada Sales Center
6085 N Silver Spruce, Meridian
in Irvine

Kuna Sales Center
8908 S Red Delicious, Kuna
in Silver Trail

North Canyon Sales Center
10573 Blue Springs, Nampa
in Whitney Springs

South Canyon Sales Center
15598 Moosehorn Way, Caldwell
in Cedar Crossing

Open Daily: Mon-Fri 12-5PM, Sat-Sun 10-5pm

Come fill your sweet craving and pop in for a treat, on us! Because we couldn’t be here for 25 years without the help of everyone along the way.

Here’s to you!

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