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February Trade Partner of the Month | CBH Homes

What’s that cheering? It’s the 2018 February Trade Partner of the Month!
February Trade Partner of the Month



“This was an easy decision for us. From the great communication to your willingness to help us out. We appreciate it. ”
-Dan Holland, CBH Superintendent
ProBuild rocks our socks off and CBH Homes is so grateful to have them. If you see ProBuild around, give them a fist bump, high-five, or wave, they deserve it! ProBuild officially has bragging rights and of course, coffee on us! We appreciate all that you do for CBH Homes and all our amazing homeowners.
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making CBH Homes shiny, new, and awesome in 2018!


Want bragging rights and the title of CBH Trade Partner of the Month? Listen close!

We are all about spreading the love. We want to give mad props to our trade partners who are absolutely killing it!

OK here are the deets:

  • Do more than expected. Go above and beyond!
  • Be current and quick to respond to your warranty claims.
  • Create raving, that’s right, raving fans of CBH Homes teammates, your employees & CBH Homeowners.

If not for the bragging rights, at least do it for the coffee! Who’s ready to have coffee on us in 2018?!

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