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Don’t get left in the cold – Winterize today as you ring in the new year.

Baby, let’s keep the cold outside.
Temperatures are about to drop. Make sure your home is ready for single digits with these tips from our Warranty Team:

  • Change your furnace filters (recommended every 3 months). Turn your thermostat to heat (it’s normal for there to be a funny smell when you first fire it up) and vacuum your air intakes.
  • Close foundation vents around the base of your home when the temperature is below 20 ºF. It’s recommended to close ones by your kitchen and bathrooms, but leave some open for cross ventilation.
  • If you have exposed plumbing make sure to wrap the exposed pipes with insulation.
  • Keep your garage doors closed, and the cold outside, especially if your water heater is located in the garage.
  • Make sure you sufficiently heat your home to prevent freezing of pipes – no lower than 55 ºF, even while on vacation.
  • Make sure to have your sprinklers blown out and disconnect hoses from outside your home if you haven’t done so already.
  • DO NOT put a salt compound on your driveway or walkways. It will ruin the surface and void your warranty.

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