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Dear Realtors, This one is for you!

Dear Realtors,

By now you should know how much CBH LOVES you! Have you heard the * Ring Doorbell * news?

CBH Homes - Realtors - Free Ring Doorbell

No, we’re not pulling your leg! For every CBH home sold between November 2nd through December 16th, you will recieve a FREE Ring Doorbell – From us! We already know you have a few questions, so we’ll just answer them now!

CBH Homes - Top Selling Agent - Apple Watch, $2k Vacation, $5k Vacation

We love you, we love our homes, and we want you guys to sell them. There’s still over a month left to dig deep and get your sell on!

In the meantime, we’ve got some selling inspiration for you. We have homes in every nook and cranny in the Treasure Valley, and in every price range (Click Homes Below). We truly want to help people find their DREAM home, that’s where you come in!

These homes are still up for grabs!!

 CBH Homes - Caldwell, Idaho - Get up to $5k Back        CBH Homes - Caldwell, Idaho - Get up to $7k Back       CBH Homes - Caldwell, Idaho - Get up to $7k Back

CBH Homes - Get up to $5k      CBH Homes - Meridian - Get up to $10k      CBH Homes - Meridian, Idaho - Get up to $7k

View Boise Homes Here

View Kuna Homes Here

View Meridian Homes Here

View Nampa Homes Here

View Star/Eagle Homes Here 

View Caldwell Homes Here 

View Twin Falls Homes Here 

Last but not least, don’t forget about our Festival of Homes going on RIGHT NOW, until December 16th!

Happy selling!!!

Love, Team CBH

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