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Live with Lisa | 3 Ways to Decorate your Coffee Table

Are you in the process of decorating your new CBH Home? We know how it feels to be completely stumped on how to start fresh and style your home! Thank goodness our designers know all the techniques and are here to help you out! This episode of Live with Lisa will teach you 3 Ways to Decorate your Coffee Table.

Watch the newest Live with Lisa video below to learn how you can decorate your coffee table with either a modern, beachy, OR rustic theme. She’s thinking of all of you and your different styles out there!

P.S… You’ll want to keep reading, we’re giving this coffee table away!!! 

Time to go shopping, (just around your house!) See below for the three themes broken down for you:

Rustic theme: 

Lisa starts with a FUN white fur from Target. She then adds a cute rustic basket, some black books and something quirky, (Lisa used a wooden spoon and put a penny in it! Watch the video to see why she does this ;)) Next, Lisa added some beach wood and candles, (always a good idea..  helloooo yummy smells). Don’t forget to add some height! In this case – a rustic wicker vase and some branches/ flowers of your choosing. Then add some more personal touches, Lisa added THESE ceramic homes from target. Top it off with some coasters and you’re complete!

Beach Theme:

Lisa kept the same white fur and added a fun beachy vase & the same twigs from before! Don’t forget – you can use and re-use and don’t have to buy anything new unless you want to! Next, bring some greenery to the table and add tons of driftwood, (Necessary for the beach theme). Change up your tray (in this case she used a gold tray) Add some books, tan and blue – so beachy. Next, add a few beach rocks from a vacation, (or Hobby Lobby) and top it all off with the same or a different yummy candle.

Modern theme:

Lisa likes to use white, gold, and black and straight lines for a modern theme. She started it off with a clean white tray. Next, add some books! Lisa used the same black books from the rustic theme coffee table. She then adds a fun, gold candle and some white flowers! Next, Lisa brought in a GOLD tray and placed some classy white marble coasters inside. Add a succulent of your choosing and of course….another book! Don’t forget to  add a fun conversation starter, in Lisa’s case it was a hour glass with black sand!

Here are a few key takeaways: 

  • Books are ALWAYS a good idea
  • Add something fun and quirky
  • You don’t always have to buy something new, grab things from around your home
  • make sure you add some height to your table
  • Cute coasters finish the look
  • Greenery is the bees knees and ups your air quality!

Did you watch until the end? If so… you probably saw that we’re giving away the coffee table from this episode of Live with Lisa!

All you have to do is fill out the google form HERE to enter to win!!! We like to keep it simple!

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