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Celebrating building the dream for 25 years. | CBH Homes

CBH Homes is jumping for joy, over the moon, double-fist pumping, rockin’ out and in full on celebration mode this year. Join us as we celebrate building the dream for 25 years.


Yes we’ve been loving you since 1992 and time flies when you’re building fun, just ask us. But here at CBH Homes, we’ve never been prouder. 25 years of building communities, supplying jobs, and most importantly building the dream for homeowners. We’ve been there, done that and our years of experience shows it. We’re built for what really counts.

For 25 years, CBH Homes hasn’t just been building homes, we’ve been building what people call “home.” “Home” is built out of more than wood, concrete and wires. Home is made of memories, laughter and love. Where families become – even bigger families. Where neighborhood kids grow up and become lifelong friends, training wheels are retired and driver’s permits are acquired. This home is not just the place you put your stuff, home is the place where stuff happens. Thank you for letting CBH Homes be a part of building the homes you call “home.”

Through these 25 years we’ve been impacting the great state of Idaho by:

Building beautiful homes in 12 great cities
Employing 88 rockstar teammates
Supported over 250 organizations over the valley
Supplied 480,000 jobs to trade partners
Housed over 16,000 families

We’ve loved every minute of it. Every minute of our 25 years. Through the good times and the bad, we wouldn’t trade any of it. We’re home for good, here to stay, ready to rock, and UP EVERYTHING for the next 25 years!

Get ready for our 25 year fun!

25 years wouldn’t be a celebration without a party! Stay tuned as we plan, , and devise one amazing anniversary party. Can’t wait? Join in all year long:

cbh_25yrlogo_5-high-res-redEvery 25th of the month we’ll be wearing our 25 Year Idaho shirts. Come snag your own at our front desk!cbh_25yrlogo_4-high-res-red

Checkout our bigger, better, and more beautiful Design Studio with our 25 Year pillows.

As you drive around the Treasure Valley, don’t miss our big, red, CBH 25 year flags!


Thank you to everyone who helped us get here. We couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU!