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CBH Voted a Best Place to Work for over 10 years!

In 2021, CBH was voted #2 Best Place to work in Idaho! Each year, CBH participates in the Best Places to Work in Idaho put on by POPULUS, an HR & marketing research firm. To CBH this is a time where we can learn about our team along with celebrate our successes!

Why is CBH voted a Best Place to Work?

Here at CBH, we truly care about our employees. We strive daily to enable our employees to grow, lead, and most importantly love. Whether it’s through a daily quote, a yearly growth plan, monthly leadership coffees, and endless amount of fun swag and food, CBH knows how to live and love their family!

The love exuding from this company and its employees is evident throughout our product and the buying process. We’re constantly questioning, rethinking, re-configuring processes and positions to ensure that we’re using everyone’s strengths and abilities to the max!

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Why enter to be a Best Place to Work?

Becoming a Best Place to Work is always a priority at CBH. We work hard to go above and beyond to listen, adjust, and ensure our team is loving where they work. CBH has been participating in the Best Places to Work in Idaho, a third party company who surveys employees on different categories from benefits, environment, management and more.

When your team loves where they work, they’ll go above and beyond. Which is why for the past 10 years CBH has participated in the Best Place to Work. CBH wants to ensure that their employees are happy, healthy, and thriving.

Congrats to all of the top 10 winners!

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s surround yourself with greatness! Congratulations to all of the top winners, if you’re looking to up your employee culture, here’s a hint, ask one of these top winners here!

Thank you. Love you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you to the current rockstars of Team CBH who crush it daily! CBH Homes couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to 29 years of pure awesomeness and the many more to come.

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