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CBH Homes | Tour Now, Why Wait?

Tired of peaking in and out of homes? Ready to tour a home whenever you want? What if we told you you could Tour Now?

NOW YOU CAN. No need to schedule ahead. No need to peek into windows. Get on-demand access to a CBH Homes model JUST using your phone.

CBH_Homes_Tour_Now_Boise_home builder

How does it work?


  1. Head to a Tour Now home! (see the list above)
  2. Download the app HERE 
  3. OR head to the home and call this number: 208.943.9841

They’ll ask you a couple questions and give you a code to enter into the home!

Once you’re done, simply hit the lights and head out the front door. It will lock itself! Yep, you can enter a brand new CBH home, take your time looking around, smell the new carpet (hey, we won’t judge) all without feeling any pressure at all! Trust us, you’ll fall in love and want to purchase it on the spot 😉


Tour a CBH Homes model now on your own schedule. Click here to see the list of TOUR NOW homes.


CBH Homes_Tour Now_New_Home_Construction

Are you ready to Tour Now?

Go on and see your dream home.
Smell your dream home.


CBH Homes_new home construction_Idaho