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CBH Homes | The Big Move

Congratulations on buying a NEW CBH Home! Our goal is to make buying a new home (& the big move) easy, fun, and more exciting than stressful. Check out some tips and tricks below.

CBH Homes_The Big Move_Boise_New Homes_The Big Move

TIP #1 – The Deep Clean

The first step to the big move… The Deep Clean. 

Cramming old “stuff” anywhere you can in a new house isn’t very easy on the eyes. A new home is a fresh start, time to get rid of *basically* everything you’ve been shoving in your junk drawer over the last 10 years.

Our first tip before you move out, Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix 😉 Kidding, but this popular craze has worked for a LOT of people! Check out our instagram repost from @letterfolk for a giggle below!

CBH Homes_Boise_ New Construction_The Big Move

You really don’t get a better opportunity to start fresh than moving into a brand new home. Use this time to seriously declutter!

TIP #2 – The Packing Materials

Be prepared on where you’re going to put everything you keep. Ask your friends & family, or your place of employment, to save big boxes they get (maybe weekly 😉 ) from amazon. Also – fill up any empty suitcases or bags to save money if you have to buy boxes.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Boxes/Bins
  2. Packing Tape
  3. Sharpie & Colored Labels

Don’t worry about labelling every single thing you put in your boxes. Just label on the outside what room it needs to go to!

Another helpful tip – Keep everything that goes in one room the same label color. For example – label all the boxes that go in the kitchen green, the bedroom orange, and the living room pink!

Tip #3 – The Mail Change

What about your mail and change of address?! This step is surprisingly easy. Click the link HERE to take you to the USPS change of address website and set up a forwarding address at the post office!

Providers to transfer:

  • Internet/cable
  • Electric/gas/water
  • inform your friends and family of your new address change
  • Any kind of monthly/quarterly subscriptions? Be sure to change those too! You don’t want all of your magazines going to the person who lives in your house next!
  • Other Services: think of those little love notes you get from your dentist or your pet’s vet when you haven’t been in 6 months!

Tip #4 – The friends

Seriously, call your friends for help! Got an extra 25 bucks? Pick up a pizza and some beverages and have them help you load or unload boxes! This will be sooo helpful. Make sure you thank your friends for their hard work!!

Tip #5 – The First Night Stash

Leave everything you need for your very first night in your new CBH Home in an easy & accessable place. Don’t panic though. Did you know we give our new homeowners a bucket full of some fun necessities? It includes some TP, trash bags, paper towels, clorex wipes, popcorn & MORE.

Tip #6 – The Perks

Okay, you don’t actually have to prepare for them, but CBH Homes loves to give back to their homeowners! In the fall, we do a pie delivery every year for homeowners who have closed in the last year! It’s one of our favorite days in the whole year.

CBH Homes_New Home Construction_Boise_Idaho_The Big Move

In the summer, we do a FREE ice cream day! We head to CBH communities all over the Treasure Valley and hand out ice cream to our homeowners.

CBH Homes_New Home Construction_Boise_Idaho_The Big Move

We also just did a Ring Video Doorbell Promo for CBH Homeowners! (We weren’t kidding about the perks.) Wondering why we were giving away free Ring Video Doorbells? Check out our blog post!! 

Bonus – Home Decor Inspo

Now that you’re all settled from the big move, I bet you’re needing some fresh & new home decor inspo. Our favorite interior designer (mint + pine) has staged many homes for us. We’re obsessed with her style. She’s all about bright whites with pops of color. Check out some inspo below & on our Pinterest!

CBH Homes_New Home Builder_Idaho_Boise_Treasure Valley_ New Homes For Sale_The Big Move

CBH Homes_New Home Builder_Idaho_Boise_Treasure Valley_ New Homes For Sale_The Big Move

CBH Homes_New Home Builder_Idaho_Boise_Treasure Valley_ New Homes For Sale_ The Big Move

We hope this post helped calm the nerves and will prepare you for the big move!! We can’t wait for you to join the 18,000 + happy homeowners CBH has here in Idaho.



CBH Homes_New Home Builder_Idaho_Boise_Treasure Valley_ New Homes For Sale_ The Big Move