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CBH Homes | Super Bowl | Ain’t We Got Fun

Everyone knows the Super Bowl is kind of a big deal. Okay okay, it’s a HUGE deal! It’s one of the most-watched sporting events of the whole year, and over half of all viewers report enjoying the ads more than the actual game. That made it an obvious choice for us to get in on the action this year. Drum roll and check out CBH’s Super Bowl LIV ad:

It just makes sense. The top builder of living rooms in Idaho, would be IN living rooms across Idaho on Super Bowl Sunday. With that not-so-humble brag aside, (sorry not sorry…) we’ve always put our home buyers first and this year we wanted to highlight one of the biggest days in their lives – the first day in their new dream home, *Insert all the feels here.*

Ain’t We Got Fun

Ain’t We Got Fun” showcases what a move-in day looks like. Think unpacked boxes and Chinese take out. Laundry baskets filled with whatever you could fit in it. Top that off with a pile of ‘who know’s what’ in the corner but most importantly you’ll see a young couple sharing a simple moment. The moment of them kicking off their new life, enjoying their first slow dance in their brand new CBH home. Although moving into a new home can feel chaotic, it’s also about cherishing that feeling of the beginning of a new chapter in life. Whether you are making room for more, or room for less, this is the moment to step back, take a break from unpacking and soak it in as much as possible. #LoveWins #SoProud

Like many firsts in life, you truly never forget your first home. That, “This is our home!” feeling is what we wanted to celebrate this Super Bowl. It’s a simple moment that’s a big beginning for homeowners, and CBH is proud to play a part in making all your dream homes a reality. Here’s to you and yours on the big Game day! Bring on the chicken wings!

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