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CBH Homes Sales Suite

Exciting changes have been happening here at our CBH Headquarters – our Sales team has officially move into to our CBH Sales Suite!

CBH Homes is redefining the home buying experience and introducing the CBH Sales Suite, an all in one sales office.

CBH Homes has moved the entire Sales Team into our Headquarters in Meridian, giving them access to all of the CBH Communities to sell. This allows them to create quality relationships at every interaction. 

Previously, CBH Homes had 4 Sales Centers placed throughout the Treasure Valley for buyers to walk-in and meet with the team. The teams in those areas only sold those specific communities. Most of our walk-in traffic and in person appointments have declined since COVID-19. Meanwhile, virtual meetings and phone calls were growing rapidly. This made it apparent that the CBH team needed to be easier to access and sell in more than just one location or area.

First things first, hammer time! Just kidding – but we did start this move off with a major office redo! We utilized our space and designed a portion of our main office to hold our sales team. However, this design was no easy feat. We knew we needed a space that would we could utilized for group meetings, 1 on 1’s, and regular day to day functions. At the same time, we wanted the space to be fun, modern, and a place for our team to be inspired. We did just that.

The WHY:

All improvements we make is with our buyers in mine. We want our buyers to have the best and fastest service. We want to create long lasting relationships and truly know what buyers need to fully serve them the best homes, in the best location for them. 

We’re changing lives with new homes, and want to ensure it’s the best decision for that buyer. Our teams need to be able to guide them in any area that suits their needs along with not transitioning mid transaction to a different sales person. 

Now, our team is standing by and ready throughout the day to serve.  


The CBH Sales Suite located at CBH Homes Headquarters is a new space for our Sales Team to focus on our buyers. With new technology and automation to receive phone calls, online contact requests and assist with Tour Nows, the team’s sole focus is to our clients. 

Using CBH’s state-of-the-art website and buying tools, Realtors and buyers have more and new information coming daily to It’s as simple as shop, tour, then buy. 

With over 400+ available homes to choose from, narrow down your search with our homes filter or get matched with the quiz then create a profile to ‘Heart’ all of your favorites. 

Tour Now gives you easy access to homes to tour with no key or appointment needed. Then once you have your favorite, reserve your new home online by simply hitting the Buy Now button to call dibs or contacting your CBH Sales Specialist.