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CBH Homes introduces the Shiny.New.Awesome TV ads starting today …


The “FACTS” on old homes… and why we are so passionate about you buying a new home:

Dilapidated old plumbing is gross. Did you know new homes generally come with a new home warranty? When you buy an older home, you are often buying whatever is wrong, or about to be wrong with it. WOW! Shiny, new, homes are awesome!


We hope you’re entertained and enlightened by our shamelessly obnoxious new video clip series about the advantages of buying a shiny, new CBH home, and the disadvantages of buying a used home.



With an older home, often the charm is quickly lost once you calculate the maintenance, and clean-up. So know what you’re getting into by doing a little “in-depth” investigative research right now.

And now with our special September promotion and the 6 Month Rate Lock going on, the options are endless for you!