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CBH Homes | COVID-19 Action Plan

Here at CBH Homes we’re taking steps to stop the spread of COVID-19. You and our team’s safety is our top priority and we’re working to keep you safe. 

CBH Homes COVID-19 Action Plan

We are an essential business. Housing, construction, and the businesses that support them are deemed an essential business and are exempt from the 21-day order. We believe that everyone deserves a home. Shelter is essential for all humans and housing is needed now more than ever. The community needs us, the economy needs us, and we want to help homeowners get into their new homes. CBH is proud to be a homebuilder.

How we’re keeping you safe:


CBH is practicing social distancing along with following the guidelines put out by the CDC. Whether extra precaution while washing your hands, avoiding large groups, asking those who feel sick or have been in contact with those who are sick to stay home and refraining from shaking hands. Our team is still here for you and ready to greet you with a smile or virtually. From each area, we are taking precautions.


The Sales Team:
  •  Set a Virtual or Private Appointment. CBH Sales Centers are now open by private appointment only ( & stocked with sanitizer and clorox wipes.) Our team is fully equipped and ready for a virtual appointment so we can continue an uninterrupted buying experience while prioritizing your safety.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available at each location and our Sales Offices are cleaned regularly.
  • The CBH Online team, the New Home Advisers, are virtually available to address any questions and schedule virtual appointments. Give them a call today 208.391.5545 or email us at
  • CBH Tour Now Homes allow for private tours to be scheduled.
  • You can buy a new CBH home through our Buy Online program via the CBH website.
  • Buyers can sign a contract digitally without coming into the office.
  • All large-scale events have been moved to be virtual
  • Earnest money is now digital, through Earnnest. Read more here.

The Construction Managers:
  • All New Home Orientations have been moved to virtual appointments.
  • The Construction Manager Teams have been social distancing and working from the field.
  • The team is equipped with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • We’re offering extra hand sanitizer to Trade Partners along with informing them on ways to stay healthy.
The CBH Trade Partner & Job Site Best Practices:
  • We ask that our trades do not work on the job site if they have signs of illness, in particular coughing or fever.
  • Do not travel in vehicles with other people who may be sick.
  • Only one trade should be allowed on the job site in a home at a time. 
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between individuals. Be sure to enforce social distancing.
  • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitation is required.  
  • Individuals who are not directly engaged in the construction activities or oversight are not allowed on job sites at any time.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, etc.

The Warranty Team:
  • Has stopped all non-essential and non-emergency in person warranty appointments
  • Virtual appointments via FaceTime and Zoom meetings are up & running
  • The team will soon be ready to chat live on the Warranty Home Page to ensure our homes are remaining safe.

The Main Office
  • The teams have gone to staggered shifts with many working from home.
  • A Second desk is in front of the Reception desk for deliveries, hand sanitizing and increasing distance between visitors and the front desk team.
  • Outside meetings have all been moved to be virtual.
  • All doors locked except for front and back, with hand sanitizer available.

We’re here. We’re building. And we’re taking steps to ensure you and our homes are safe and healthy