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CBH Homes at Treefort

Thank you all for joining us at Treefort this year, it was a perfect place to the get party started.

Treefort Music Fest Recap

We had selfies, 360 cameras, puppies, legos, and more!

If you were lucky enough to catch us there, you may have seen us outside of the main stage with our #cbhselfieshed and 360 camera. You might be asking, what’s a selfie shed?
Our #cbhselfieshed is a storage container we converted into the most perfect photo op!

On the inside, you will find 2 different interactive themed rooms. The first, an all red retro room.
Think old school dial phones, vintage clothes, and light up everything!

Through a curtain to the other side of the selfie shed is our CBH “bounce the house”. This room is decorated with old CD’s, light up chairs, bouncy balls, and a disco party waiting to happen.

Treefort was a hit. With over 900 videos on the 360 camera, 4 lucky iPad Mini winners, and endless fun, let’s put a bow on this event!

Incase you missed your 360 video or want to watch all the fun, view the gallery here! Or watch the video below for a fun recap!

Where to catch us next!

As you should know by now, the CBH parties never end.

We will be celebrating 30 Years of lovin’ you all year long. Catch the 360 camera and the CBH Selfie Shed at our next hoorah!

Get ready because at each event that we bring the #cbhselfieshed to we will be decorating it different themes.

That means you can snap a different #cbhselfie at all of our events!

Find all our events for the year here.

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