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CBH Homes | 2019 Top Selling Agent

It’s a new year, and a new you. Time to make 2019 the best one yet and add CBH Homes 2019 Top Selling Agent to your title.

cbh homes 2019 top selling agent

We love you. We thank you. Now let us help you go on the vacay of your dreams!

It’s never too early to get ahead of the game and secure your travel voucher. We’re kicking off the year strong and coming at you early with the 2019 Top Selling Agent prizes.

Here’s the breakdown:

6 to 7 new CBH Homes and get a Apple Watch Series 3*

8 to 11 new CBH Homes and get a $2K travel voucher*

12+ new CBH Homes and get a $5k travel voucher*

Ready to start shopping? Head here to see our list of 400+ homes: CLICK HERE

Why choose CBH?

We’re making it even easier for you to not only sell MORE but put more $$ in your pocket. How you ask? CBH Homes is 100% Spec.

What does that mean for you? Here are 3 reasons why we’re 100% Spec for you:

  1. Bye Bye TBBs – All homes on our website are either under construction or MOVE IN READY!
  2. MORE SELECTION – With 400+ homes listed, go on and let your buyers pick a dream… ANY DREAM!
  3. Quick Closings – Ditch the 6-8 month wait time. Let’s get your clients into their home FAST!!

We’re here for you and to help you be the a top selling agent!