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CBH Homeowner Irrigation Update!

CBH Homeowners – important update regarding your irrigation water!

Treasure Valley Irrigation Update 

The Treasure Valley is facing unprecedented drought conditions which are affecting the valley’s irrigation water.  At CBH, we’re working to stay up-to-date as quickly as possible for each area so we can help inform you. As each irrigation district is different, here’s the main consensus across all:

Irrigation water delivery will be reduced immediately. Depending on water availability, irrigation water will likely be shut off early this year.

Find your irrigation district and see your area’s updates by clicking here.

Quick links to irrigation districts:

What do I need to do right now?

Checkout Zamzows tips on how to maintain your yard through the season here. Together we can help conserve water by making a few minor adjustments:

  • Water lawns on odd/even days. Many districts are suggesting watering lawns on even days if your address is even and odd days if your address is an odd number.
  • Reduce length of watering time. 
  • Water at a different time other than 5 to 8 am. Data shows this is the most common time to water and puts a high demand on the irrigation systems causing low pressure and over-pumping the water right.

Will cutting back watering affect my landscaping?

If your lawn is established, it will be okay to cut water early. Browning of grass doesn’t mean your yard is dead, simply that it is being stressed.

If you have a new lawn installed this year that has not been established, you may need to supplement your water.

We’ll be working to keep you informed on new updates as we receive them! Thank you for helping the Treasure Valley and promoting the conservation of water.