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Boomeranging – It’s a Real Thing.


Is your soon to be American Idol star still calling your house home? Did you think you were alone?! Don’t fret, it’s a NATIONAL TREND. We’re not lying, NAHB recently posted an article, Nearly Half of the Young Millennial Boomerang, where they inform us that 90% of the young millennials who moved out by age 27, over 50% of them returned.  They even have a term for it, boomeranging. No, we didn’t stutter.

Boomeranging – the action of a child moving out of a parental home and then returning

Sure it may sound a little funny, but did you know that the boomerangers (say that 3 times fast) who leave again tend to be educated and from the highest income distribution? There’s nothing funny about that.

Multi-generational living is accepted and more popular than ever. Don’t worry – we’ve got you and your man child covered.  Hop on the bandwagon, and say dwelcome home to Dwellinghood.

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