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Styling a Bookshelf 101 | CBH Homes

Have bookshelves that need some love? Don’t worry, we grabbed the professional, to teach us, Styling a Bookshelf 101.

We partnered with Irina from Mint & Pine Staging and Interior Design, to help us create that sleek, modern look and design. Get exciting for more to come but first let’s checkout how to simply style a bookshelf.


BOOKSHELF 101: Finding your decor.

Start by gathering what you’re thinking of styling your bookshelf with. Think books (obviously), candles, greenery, vaces, pictures, and more. With all of this in one location, it’s easier to pick and choose what you want where.  Begin by placing your big statement pieces. You don’t want too many of the same large items or bold colors too close to each other. Disperse the large pieces throughout the shelves first.

Framed art is a great piece to start with. If your shelves have enough distance between them, framed art can fill in the spaces while adding color to the room.

Did someone say bookshelf?

Yes, don’t forget the books! Stack about 2-3 books on top of each other and add a small plant, candle, or other decorative piece on top. This is an easy way to fill up the shelves fast all while giving you a modern, clean look! Have amazing bookends? Place books vertically for a different take on book placements. Side note, if the spine of the book isn’t flowing with the rest of the decor, turn them around with the exposed pages facing outward. This creates a more cohesive look.

Bring it to life.

Let’s bring some life to the shelves. Plants, greenery and vases are a great way to add color and texture to shelves. Greenery makes any space look brighter and fuller. On top of this, baskets add a functional side. They not only look pretty but can also be used to store various items.

Lastly, always keep adjusting. If something isn’t quite fitting with you, re-arrange. There is no right or wrong way to decorating!

Want more?

Stay tuned for the next Design Tips & Tricks. Or hit the easy button and have Mint & Pine style your home for you:

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