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Boise lands in the Top Cities to Invest in Housing by Forbes!


Many predictions are on the rise now that we are  a week into 2014. The most recent comes to us from Forbes and we’re happy to report that Boise made the prestigious list of Where to Invest in Housing in 2014!

In the past, investors have used this time to jump into new and growing housing markets, but what we’re seeing now is that investors are taking a step back to let the rest of us enjoy the perks of great prices and mortgage rates.

Not only is CBH Homes here to offer some amazing shiny, new, awesome homes to choose from but Forbes has included Boise in their exclusive list – in the Top 10! With an average home price of $168,061, Boise is definitely a desirable location to buy or build your dream home.

“Each of our Best Buy Cities have high population and job growth, relatively low home prices, and are still considered under-valued. This makes them fairly low-risk investment opportunities for buyers who are smart and know not to overpay.” – Forbes

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