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Best Place to Work? We’d say yes!


Do you know CBH Homes, I mean really? Not Corey Barton, not Corey Barton Homes, but CBH Homes. If you think we’re loud, a little inappropriate, obsessed with the color red, the number one builder in Idaho – then yes! You’re right, WE ARE! But we think of CBH Homes a little differently around here….

Are we surprised that we were voted one of the best places to work? No, not really. We could spout off statistics that make us sound like an awesome company to be involved with, like we’ve been around for 20 plus years or that we are currently #49 in the nation according to Builder Magazine Top 100 List… but we’re more than just a number. We’re a family. You’ll find that most of us are best friends, even outside of work. Laughter, hugs, and high-fives are never in short along with coffee runs, team lunches, and so much more.  But is that what makes CBH Homes a ‘best place to work’? To us, those are just the perks.

The real reason, CBH truly loves their employees. They strive daily to enable them to grow, lead, and most importantly love. Whether it’s through a daily quote, a yearly growth plan, or a national flash mob (Google it – 2015 IBS Flash Mob), CBH knows how to live and love their family!

The love exuding from this company is evident as we come into another year of being voted one of the Best Places to Work. We are stoked to announce that we placed 5th! See our happy face:

CHristine BPTW


We may seem like we’re bragging, but we can’t help it… we LOVE what we do and LOVE this company! So come checkout how CBH Homes LIVES and experience, for yourself, what it means to be a part of the CBH Family! Trust us, it’s something amazing to be a part of.