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Best Patio Dining in Boise, Idaho

Hey there, CeCe, Kaitlyn and Arie here! We’re in full summer swing over at CBH Homes, which means we are hitting the town to tell you all about our favorites. Favorite hikes, restaurants, summer activities, you name it. Today, we’re talking about the Best Patio Dining in Boise!

We are total foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, okay, anything IDAHO!! Follow along and see our favorite patios and our favorite things on the menu.

Best Patios in Boise, Idaho (in no particular order)

1. Solid Grill & Bar

WHERE: Downtown Boise – 405 South 8th Street

FAVORITE STARTER: We are crushing over the kimchi fries. How can you beat fries topped with pulled pork, spicy kimchi, sour cream and cilantro? You can’t. Looking for vegetarian option – you have to try the hummus plate!

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: The Sparkle Donkey Spritz… I mean the name alone is a for sure favorite. Their drink menu does not disappoint.

2. BitterCreek Alehouse / Red Feather Lounge

WHERE: Downtown Boise – 246 N 8th Street

FAVORITE ENTREE: Your life will never be the same after eating Bitter Creek’s Macaroni & Cheese, top it with bacon, we dare you!

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: We couldn’t pick a favorite but you have to try the Bourbon Peach Cider and the Advarice & Greed Blonde Ale.

3. Reef

WHERE: Downtown Boise – 105 S 6th Street

FAVORITE SUSHI: Oh my, the lava roll. It’s hot, hot, hot!

4. Lucky Fins

WHERE: Downtown Boise – 801 W. Main Street

FAVORITE SALAD: The new Asparagus Shrimp Salad…our mouths just water talking about it!

5. The Sandbar

WHERE: Located at the Riverside Hotel – 2900 Chinden Boulevard

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Hands down, the Sandbar Margarita!

FAVORITE DESSERT: Umm is this even a choice? Deep Fried Twinkie – hi, sign us up!

6. Cottonwood Grille

WHERE: 913 W River Street

FAVORITE ENTREE: Oh fresh Atlantic much yum!

Where should we go next?

Best Patios in Boise, Idaho was our first stop on this exploration of the Treasure Valley, but where should we go next? We want to hear from you and see what your favorite spots are or what you think this valley needs more of! Email us at or message us on any of our social sites. We’re always listening! Plus, stay tuned for more and don’t forget to follow along:


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