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Beat the clock!

Beat the Clock

We’ve heard it all before… You’re ‘just looking’. Just looking at buying a home or just looking at the options out there. Well, let us fill you in, there’s a good chance that what you’re looking at today, won’t be here tomorrow. We’re hitting numbers that we haven’t seen since 2005. In February alone, we sold over 150 homes. Did you catch that? 150 sales. I’m sure we sound like a broken record – interest rates are low and it’s a great time to buy. But here’s the thing, we say that for a reason – because they won’t stay low for long! Inventory is shrinking and the demand is growing. What does that mean? Prices will rise, it’s a fact. Are you ready to beat the economy and get in before prices go up?

Check out these stats:


What does all this mean?! We’re selling a home every 4 hours whether it’s a Move In Ready or a Build Job, so what’s here right now may be gone by lunch!

Is it too late to mention that you have 7 days to get in on our March Promo for up to $4,000* off of a shiny, new, awesome home!

Prices are set to go up at any time.

So – are you still ‘just looking’ OR are you going to beat the economy? The ball’s in your court.