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August Monthly Homeowner Tips | CBH Homes

Are you ready for CBH’s Monthly Homeowner Tips?

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Here at CBH, we love your home as much as you do and want to ensure that you’re keeping your home in uppermost shape!

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Every Tuesday, we post a video on our latest tip. We are shaking it up this week with an article about 10 Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips, on The Family Handyman.

According to The Family Handyman, you can get rid of those household headaches in 10 minutes or less. That’s right you heard us 10 minutes or less, and that’s why we had to share it with you.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the tips.

  1. Lube a Sticking Vinyl Window or Door – When windows and doors are hard to open or “don’t operate smoothly”, its generally because of the gunk build up. “Try spraying dry PTFE spray lubricant on the contact points and wiping it off with a rag.” Helpful hint: Don’t use oil lubricants, this could potentially cause damage to the vinyl plus build up more gunk!
  2. Fix a Shutoff Valve – “Turn off the main valve, remove the packing nut, and then unscrew the stem and take it to the hardware store to find a replacement washer.” Once you clean all the grit out  and replace the washer, it will work like new.
  3. Foam a Loose Shower head – This goes for any wobbly shower head or pipe, just spray some expanding foam. The foam helps to lock the pipe or shower head into place and it will no longer move.
  4. Straighten a Bent Blind – All you need is a mini-blind slat straightener. Grab the straightener, locate damaged spot, slide it over, and squeeze. Voila!
  5. Restore Free Flow to a Faucet – Tired of your sink or bathroom faucets loosing pressure? This usually means the aerator screen is dirty. “Start by closing the drain plug, then remove the aerator using a rag or masking tape so you don’t mar the finish with your pliers. To remove the sane and other deposits, soak the aerator in vinegar, then scrub it with a toothbrush.”

Read full article here. Check back next week for more tips from your CBH family!

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CBH Homes Homeowner Maintenance Tips

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