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A ‘swipe right’ for Boise!

We LOVE lists!

Who doesn’t?! To do lists, wish lists, grocery lists, the Most ‘Swiped Right’ College Campus lists…


Did you have to read that last one a couple times? Okay – if you don’t know what Tinder is, you might not get the ‘swipe right’ reference. No, this isn’t a blog about a Dating App. We won’t even go into the details of Tinder besides that a picture pops up on your phone, if you like it you swipe right, if you don’t, left! Pretty easy stuff.

Alright, where are we going with this? Huffington Post recently came out with the Top 25 Most ‘Swiped Right’ College Campuses, According to Tinder and guess what campus made the Top 10 for females… The one and only – BOISE STATE!!

Boise State University hit #7 of Campuses with Most Swiped Right Females!

Can we get a…


Yes there may be some speculation on the men to women ratio influencing the stats – but shoot, let us have our fun! Besides, any list wouldn’t change our feelings about Boise having some VERY beautiful ladies.

Maybe this makes you want to live in Boise… maybe if you’re a single male! It still makes you laugh a little though!

BSU #7

<3 one of those Boise (yes, I’m biased) State Females