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9 Reasons We Love Boise

Boise, Idaho is a city that offers an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and economic opportunity. If you’re planning a move to the city of trees, congratulations on your upcoming adventure! To help make your transition smoother and more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a list of nine essential things to do when you arrive in Boise. Plus, we’ll explore why considering the right home and community for you in Boise, Idaho should be at the forefront of your relocation plans.

Here are 9 reasons we love Boise at CBH, and why you will too!

Boise has been named City of Trees for a reason! It’s foliage-dense location in the Treasure Valley boasts easy access to hiking, biking, and skiing adventures. Explore the nearby Boise National Forest and discover the scenic beauty that surrounds the city.

Boise residents are known for their friendliness and strong community spirit – they are also the first to endearingly, and comically educate on the pronunciation of Boise as “Boy-see”, rather than “Boy-zee”! You’ll find no shortage of fun at community events, local traditions, or opportunities to join a new club or volunteer to connect with your new neighbors and make lasting friendships.

Boise’s thriving arts scene includes theaters, galleries, and cultural festivals. Immerse yourself in local art and culture to gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s creative spirit.

Boise’s culinary scene is on the rise, with a diverse array of restaurants offering everything from international cuisine to farm-to-table dining experiences – you are sure to find a seat at some tasty tables!

Boise offers excellent educational opportunities, with top-rated schools and higher education institutions such as Boise State University, University of Idaho, and more. The Boise School District has 33 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 senior high schools.

When considering a relocation or career advancement, the employment landscape and the variety of companies in a city play a crucial role. Boise stands as the home to several prominent businesses in the state including Micron, Simplot, Scentsy and more – with key players spanning technology, food production, energy, and manufacturing sectors among the major employers.

Experience the beauty of each season in Boise, from the vibrant colors of fall to the snow-covered landscapes of winter. Kickstart an active lifestyle with numerous local parks, golf courses, and recreational activities available to residents of all ages like the Boise Green Belt, Bogus Basin, the Boise River, Lucky Peak Reservoir and more!

Familiarize yourself with Boise’s transportation options and plan your daily commute effectively with the help of our conveniently located communities in Boise offer easy of access to the many amenities Boise has to offer!

If there isn’t enough to love about Boise already, enjoy a huge selection of communities and dream homes all over the Valley from Idaho’s #1 Local Home Builder, CBH Homes. CBH Homes has been building dreams for Idahoans for over 31 years, and for 19 of those, has been named Idaho’s #1 Builder. CBH Homes is also named an Idaho Best Place to Work, and is ranked #48 in the nation with over 25,000+ happy homeowners. New homes are available now in our conveniently located Boise communities!

CBH Homes has been building dreams for Idahoans for over 31 years, and for 19 of those, named Idaho’s #1 Builder. CBH Homes is also an Idaho Best Place to Work, now ranked #48 in the nation and proudly working with over 25,000 happy homeowners. New homes available now in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas. Start shopping today, click here!