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7 Reasons You NEED to Move to Meridian

We are upping our reasons from last year (read last year’s post here) because our LOVE for Meridian continues to grow.

#1 in America

With Meridian expanding and growing, we have decided to let you in on a secret. Are you ready? It’s a BIG one.

Meridian was ranked number 1 for Best City in America (USA Today) and top 10 Safest Cities in Idaho (Safewise).

But that’s not all, it also received top 25 best places to retire (Forbes) and top 10 in the nation for economic growth ( Which means people are flocking in to be a part of this city and we have you covered with 15 communities open and selling in Meridian.

OK OK now back to the 7 reasons you need to move to Meridian. If we haven’t already convinced you then buckle up.

During the State of the City Address, Mayor Tammy de Weerd outlined 5 key strategic focus areas that we’re excited about. Here are the highlights.

  1. Strategic Growth – Meridian has been busy this past year. The Public Works Department got to work with adding 19 miles of water line, 12 miles of sewer line and 400 new street lights. After some serious inquiry about the protection of ground water sources, Meridian received rules and enforcement from the Department of Water Resources for abandoning wells and constructing new ones. That’s not all. Meridian and Nampa are coming together so that they can grow together with a focus on jobs.
    We simply must bring family wage jobs closer to where the workforce lives. This is a regional issue.” – Mayor Tammy de Weerd

    With new jobs rolling in, it’s the perfect opportunity to build or own your dream home. Click here.

  2. Economic Vibrancy – Meridian saw a 10.1% increase in jobs. You read that correctly! Many of those were family wage jobs as well. The Mayor stated that though she loves seeing small businesses grow and expand, she also wants to see businesses excel and stay in the downtown area. Meridian also is working on making Idaho Avenue not just a place to pass through but a destination.
  3. Responsive Government – Not only is there a new software – TrueBill – that is an online resource for utility bills and online services – usage graphs, real-time payment options etc. But Meridian jumped into revamping and automating the dog licensing process. 45% of residents in the Meridian area own one or more dogs. This is about 17,000 dogs.
    We eliminated the need to provide information from veterinarians annually and licenses are now valid for one year from date of purchase” – Mayor de Weerd. Again that’s not all. Check out the rest of the mayor’s responsive government speech here (Mayor’s State of the City Address).

    Now you can own all the dogs you want, woof woof, but be sure your HOA agrees. Check out these homesclick here!

  4.  Safe, Healthy & Secure“Meridian continues to be the safest city of our size in the state,” stated by the Mayor. Enough said!
  5. Arts, Culture & Recreation“Improving competitive edge, defining a sense of place, and providing areas people want to go to,” – Mayor. This includes: Meridian Art Week, the building of 3 new parks, a project with the YMCA, West Ada School District and St. Lukes.

    Have we convinced you yet?

    Well that was only 5 reasons. We still have 2 more to go!


  6. The Mayor cares about everyone – the youth and the elderly. With her walking club with 6,900 students walked 165,574 miles. This is 6.7 TIMES around the WORLD. The elderly also can take part in a free, accessible transport with Harvest Transit.
  7. 96% said Meridian was a great place to raise a family according to Boise State University’s School of Public Service survey!

Well what are you waiting for?

Do you love Meridian as much as us yet? It’s time to move here! Time to build here, grow here and thrive here!

Come be our neighbor.

“Our Meridian, my Meridian” – Mayor de Weerd