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4 Quick & Easy Tips to Hanging Wall Art + a BONUS

We’ve all been there. The frame is too high, too small, or too far apart. Here are Irinia’s, with Mint & Pine, 4 Tips to Hanging Wall Art!

4 Tips to Hanging Wall Art

TIP 1: Hang at eye level.

What is eye level? You want your frame to be about 60-65 inches from the floor. This works great in entry ways as you or guests walk into your home, they’ll be greeted by beautiful art and at the 60-65 level won’t need to look up or down to see it.

TIP 2: Hang multiple frames hang 2-3 inches apart.

Have two great frames of pictures that go together? Great! Hang them side by side and leave about 2-3 inches between the frames. This will keep them looking cohesive yet separate. When they’re too far apart, they may feel disconnected.

TIP 3: Space art above furniture about 6-12 inches.

Placing art above furniture can really create a statement but you have to be careful about your selection. Hang the art about 6-12 inces above the furniture. This will keep it looking like one unit.

TIP 4: Art should be 2/3 – 3/4 the width of the furniture.

When you’re hanging above furniture like a couch, dresser, or console table, you want your frame to be about 2⁄3 – 3/4  the width of the furniture. This can help you narrow down when looking for a piece of art. Rule of thumb, always go a little bigger than smaller but keep the width of the piece smaller than the furniture. Large art acts as a statement, while small art can look underwhelming in a space.

BONUS TIP: How to do a gallery wall.

Gallery walls are all the rage right now. However, you want to be sure your gallery hits the mark! Most important tip, create your gallery layout on the floor first before hanging it all up. This will allow you to play with the pieces, move them around and see how they will look together. Once you have your layout, use painting tape (blue tape) to draw the layout on the wall. When inter mixing size of frames, large and medium pieces should be spaced 2-3 inches apart while smaller pieces can come closer together about 1.5-2 inches.


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