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2022 Idaho’s Top Private 100 – CBH Ranks #9!

There is no better timing than our 30 Year anniversary to have CBH Homes ranked #9 on the list of 2022 Idaho’s Top Private 100 Companies. In a short 6 years, CBH has moved up 26 spots from number 35 in 2016 to now 9th in 2022. 

As some may know by now, we are more than just a homebuilder. We believe that love wins. We love our team, our homeowners, our community and because of that we moved up another spot in the Idaho Private 100 Top 10 list to #9!!!


“At CBH, we believe change = progress. We are constantly changing, growing, testing new ways to do things. We watch and learn from amazing companies outside of our industry, as well as other builders in the nation,” Ronda Conger, CBH Homes Vice President. When asked about the positive impacts that the growth of Idaho will have on our future, she believes that “As we grow, we get access, to so much more. More restaurants, more culture, more activities and more diversity. We’re able to continue to cultivate this amazing community we live in.”

Congrats to all the amazing winners this year and a huge shoutout to the Top 10 Companies: Winco, JR Simplot, Jackson Food, Blue Cross of Idaho, Melaleuca, Kendall Auto, Agri Beef Co, Woodgrain Inc., and Scentsy. We love seeing all these amazing surrounding companies awarded for their hard work and contribution the community.

This year has been an amazing year and it is not even over yet! We have celebrated, worked hard, celebrated some more, and created an unforgettable 30th year.

This Idaho based, local company is excited to do more and give more than ever to our homeowners and community in the coming years.

You can find a list of all of the incredible 2022 winners HERE.