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2017 Second Quarter Top Sales Center | CBH Homes

The 2017 Second Quarter Top Sales Center has been crowned!

Top Sales Center - North Canyon

Grab your confetti & champagne because we’re about to celebrate.

We counted, we tallied, we surveyed, and the results are IN!

Make some noise for the Second Quarter Top CBH Sales Center:


Top Sales Center - North Canyon Team

Ready to meet royalty? Meet the amazing and freshly crowned Team North Canyon:

Top Sales Center - Melissa

Melissa ‘Supa E’ Enrico – Sales Coach

This lacrosse game lover, Idaho native will keep you on your toes and ready to go. Her ultimate goal is to become CBH’s first female building superintendent. Melissa’s pride and joy is her family: her husband, Mingo, and kids Dom & Halli.


Top Sales Center - Sara

Sara ‘Harmony Queen’ Wolf – Sales Specialist

This relationship building natural will rock your socks off when it comes to selling homes. She’s self-motivated and dedicated. She thrives to make sure her clients have the best experience with the most fun they possibly can.

Top Sales Center - Troy

Troy ‘CBH Encyclopedia’ Parquer – Sales Assistant

Troy is our “go to guy” because he is quick to find an answer, a photo, an address or anything you’re looking for. He is literally the glue that keeps the North Canyon Team together.


Top Sales Center - Amber

Kelly ‘Gorgeous’ Green & Amber ‘Rockstar’ Conklin – Sales Assistants

These beautiful ladies are new to the team but are still crushin’ it.



Go stop by their office, give ’em ring, or a hug from a far, just be sure to tell them – YOU ROCK!

Congrats Team North Canyon!