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CBH Homes 2016 NHQA Announcement

Ever heard of the National Housing Quality Award (NHQA)? If you’re in the home building industry, then listen up. The NHQA is the home building’s top award for quality management. Here’s the run down, home builders submit an application that can be up to 20 pages long. They are compiling everything from stats, to processes, to your mission statement, from there, a committee reviews the application.  Three builders are chosen to receive a site visit and then, it’s game on.

The NHQA site visit is an all out intense session with 3 judges. Picture this, 3 days of someone digging, then prying, and lastly questioning everything you do.

After that, it’s an excruciating month until you hear back with your results.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for arrived! Cue the NHQA drum roll…

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We couldn’t me more proud, excited, over the moon stoked to announce our place in the NATIONAL Housing Quality Award. It’s not every day a local builder from Boise, Idaho is nationally recognized! This is one wild ride, and we absolutely love it! CLICK HERE to read the write up from Professional Builder Magazine with our results.

One of our favorite quotes from them:

“You are perfectly engineered for your current results.” – NHQA Judge

CBH Homes’ NHQA wins:

  • CBH Homes is very professional and positive work environment which is literally among the industry’s best practices.
  • Strong community involvement.
  • Idaho’s Best Places to Work Designation
  • Leadership reviewing high-level success drivers.
  • Sales and Marketing has a solid performance management process, heightened expectations, and strong leadership.
  • Strong Customer Handling Process with Sales Simplicity, Lasso, and Punchlist.
  • There is a significant focus on individual growth plans.
  • CBH has an abundant production capacity and well season field staff.
  • Most noteworthy, CBH has a tremendous market share.


Be Open to GrowthHere’s what we took away from the NHQA results:

Take the feedback and run. Be open to their suggestions. We’re running great for where we are now but if we want more and want to grow, be open to change!


In conclusion, we’re not done with NHQA quite yet. Yes, we’ll be applying next year and aiming for GOLD!